Champagne is a noble kind of sparkling wine, combining effervescence and allure. It is a symbol of luxury, elegance and sophistication.

It comes from the French province of Champagne and its name, protected by a patent (appellation d'origine contrôlée), has been reserved since 1911. The champagne we offer is imported from the very heart of this region.

Champagne is the favourite drink of those who seek a little extravagance and elegance in life. Every connoisseur appreciates its complex taste, rich fragrance and subtle impact on the senses.

Real champagne is produced chiefly of the grape varieties chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. These wines are considered perfect and ensure the high quality of the drink.

How is champagne made? The appropriate composition of wines is poured into bottles and a little yeast and sugar is added. After the bottle is corked, the natural process of fermentation occurs. It results in creation of bubbles.

Classic champagne bottles are made of thick glass and have concave bottoms to be able to withhold the pressure of up to 6 atmospheres. Champagne cork has distinctive, mushroom-like shape, which develops in the neck of the champagne bottle. Only a part of the cork is placed in the bottleneck.

Champagne is best served chilled to 6-8 degrees Celsius, in flute glasses. It is the best way to savour its exquisite taste.

Our offer includes many champagnes of the highest quality, from Grand Cru and Blanc de Blanc to Milesime 2008. Their producers, who enjoy great recognition in the Champagne region, are successors of many ages of tradition concerning the production of this sparkling wine.

We are certain that relishing a glass filled with champagne from our special selection will add even more luxury and splendour to every special moment and that this exquisite sparkling drink will become an essential element of every meeting and celebration.

The champagnes we offer will please the palate of even the most fastidious connoisseurs.

Enter the fascinating world of champagne with us!


Famous people of Champagne:

"I'm a teetotaler when it comes to beer, but never in the case of Champagne"
George Bernard Shaw

"Wine of civilization"

"Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it"
Madame de Pompadour

"Champagne for the winners is well deserved, for the defeated necessary"
Napoleon Bonaparte

"That makes every day seem to be Sunday"
Marlene Dietrich

"Quickly adds force to tired lovers"
Said the English after tasting.

We wish you a delicious tasting!

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Drink responsibly. The Abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health